Fiona Barnett Contact Details

Hey, Fiona Barnett Followers

Yes we all question Fiona Barnett story and been DEAD Hoax’s?

Well No she not, the stories on the internet and media outlet are NOT true and false, even them crazy YouTube video of so called Fiona Barnett friends have said. it all false.

Timmy Holt has personally been in contact with Fiona Barnett over passed weeks. She is OK, and looking forward until tomorrow!

But we have problem in the dark web.

Their is a Bounty Hit out on Fiona Barnett from people like this click here , shortly after the anonymous story and other media outlets, people started gunning for her, so im asking my fellow cyber army to help again so Fiona Barnett can rest easy and sleep well at night.

If you have message for Fiona Barnett please comment on her youtube channel or comment below and #TimmyHolt will personally hand them to her on your behalf.

If you want the full facts into her case so far!


(Click HERE)

Here is her personal twitter account:

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